Living near a water body seems to be a huge motivator for getting rid of the plastic bag — perhaps because the plastic pollution becomes so visible, choking up marine animals, creating annoyances for surfers, and affecting tourism dollars. Today, the NoCal-based nonprofit Save the Bay launched a cute new anti-plastic bag video and campaign, The Bay vs. The Bag:

So far, San Francisco has successfully banned plastic bags in NoCal; Malibu in SoCal. But while many Cali cities are trying to follow suit, their efforts are being continuously delayed by the plastic industry. The group’s most common tactic seems to sue — or threaten to sue — cities that pass or are trying to pass anti-plastic bag legislation.

What’re they suing about? The industry claims — ironically — that a costly Environmental Impact Report must be done before enacting bans — as if banning the plastic bag will somehow kill the environment. (The group also ironically calls its efforts Save the Plastic Bag, as if the bag’s an endangered species.) Still, both Oakland and Manhattan Beach’s plastic bag bans are now on hold pending an EIR — and Santa Monica delayed its vote on the ban pending an EIR, too.

So for most of our cities, de-plastic-bagging’s become solely an individual effort — though BYO bagging isn’t particularly hard. To stay on top of the NoCal anti-plastic bag campaign, follow The Bay vs. the Bag site; SoCalians can support Heal the Bay’s similar efforts in their ‘hood.

Thumbnail image: Courtesy Save the Bay

The Bay vs. The Bag
California's anti-plastic bag movement's new video envisions a bay with waves of plastic bags