If you've never read one of Deepak Chopra's books, or heard the self-help expert (who is a medically-trained doctor) speak, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Now you can experience a little of the popular thinker's ideas (like how, as Deepak says, the "mind can change reality,") quickly and easily on his new web series, and figure out if they might be something you can learn from.

Launched just a few days ago, in July, The Chopra Well is a YouTube channel that's going to tackle the big questions, from "The Purpose of Life" to "The Secrets of Creativity". This time, Deepak's not doing it alone; he's accompanied by his son, who is a filmmaker and a bit of a skeptic, and his daughter, a working mom. Their inclusion promises to make this a more inclusive, and lighter version of the work their father has done so far.

In fact, they are aiming to reach 100 million people with the web series.

"It's very practical tools for people to make a difference in their lives," says Deepak on the introduction video (below). "I hope people tune into the Chopra Well if they are looking for happiness, inspiration, purpose, significance," say the two Chopra siblings.

I'll be tuning in, as I'm already a slightly skeptical fan of the senior Chopra's writing, and it will be great to be able to listen to big ideas being discussed while I am doing housework, or the like.

What do you think of this new TV show?

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The Chopra Well: Deepak and family's new self-help YouTube channel
An easy way to get some guidance to take on the challenges of life.