Proving just how hungry the masses are for a plant-based, post-apocalyptic cookbook, the creators of "The Vegan Zombie" recently crushed their own fundraising goal of $18,500 - raking in more than $43,500 in donations. 

The unique Youtube web series, which wraps the zombie apocalypse around vegan cooking, has over over 100 videos, 25,000 subscribers and over 1.4 million views.

“It’s not just for vegans, it’s for meat-eaters, for vegetarians, people who want to be healthy, people who love the horror genre,” co-creator Chris Cooney told earlier this year. “There’s a lot of people who say ‘I’m not vegan, but I love your show.’ We welcome everybody. It means a lot to us when somebody says ‘I eat one of your meals at least once a week’ so we’re doing our part at least one day a week.”

Their upcoming cookbook, now fully funded and ready to start production, will be presented as a graphic novel - with over 150 pages featuring more than 80 vegan recipes, photos, and killer artwork to flesh out the vegan zombie story. Thanks to donations that went above and beyond the goal, Cooney and Jon Tedd also plan on doubling their print run, adding additional pages, and making some badly-needed upgrades to their zombie kitchen. 

Expect "The Vegan Zombie: Cookbook" to debut sometime later this fall. 

Check out the latest video recipe for Tempeh BLTs below. 

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'The Vegan Zombie' shatters cookbook fundraising goal
Undead-themed cooking show receives enthusiastic support for upcoming vegan cookbook.