If you were born last year, how long do you think you would live?  It all depends upon where you live, as seen in this fascinating infographic by designer Marcelo Duhalde.  

You're going to need your bifocals - or the zoom feature on your home page - to have a closer look.  But as you zoom in and out, you may find some surprises.  One big surprise being that the U.S. doesn't rank particularly well on the chart.  With a life expectancy of 79 years, we come in below the vast majority of Europe - where life expectancy peaks in Monaco at age 90.  We also trail behind Australia (82,) Canada (81,) Japan(84,) and Taiwan (80.)

But even our measly 79 years seem like a luxury when compared to the average life expectancy in Africa which stands at a depressing 60 years.  Two countries in particular tied for the lowest life expectancy -- Chad and South Africa -- both plagued by corruption, poverty, and disease and come in at a worrisome 49.

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