It goes without saying that PSAs are only as effective as the creative minds behind them. While a celebrity talking head can certainly increase the eyeballs, it's the addition of either humor or some great storyline wrapped around the point that can make all the difference. 


I saw it last month with Max Joseph's hilarious "Follow the Frog" video for the Rainforest Alliance - and it's present this week too in Canada's Heart and Stroke Foundation "Zombie CPR" PSA. The organization has smartly capitalized on society's fascination with the undead - as well as perfectly timed the campaign to coincide with the premiere of season three of AMC's "The Walking Dead." 


“The creative team had a strong sense that introducing sly humour into the horror/zombie genre would pay off, and it certainly has,” said Brian Howlett, chief creative officer at Agency 59; which designed the ad.


Since debuting earlier this month, the PSA has racked up more than 400,000 views on Youtube.


Adding to the fun is a massive event called "The Undeading", which will take place in Toronto on October 25th and feature participants attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the "largest CPR training session taking place at one time in the same place."


Check out the Heart and Stroke Foundation's clever PSA below. 


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This zombie CPR PSA is amazing
Canada's Heart and Stroke Foundation just nailed the perfect combo of entertainment and education in an effort raise awareness on performing CPR.