Two years ago, filmmaker Tom Leveritt showed us what our skin looked like from the sun's perspective and how sunscreen stopped the sun's rays in their tracks. Leveritt attached a UV-filter to a high-tech camera to capture the incredible footage showing what our skin looks like when it's protected from the sun. Any parent who saw that video wished they had a similar setup to know if they missed any spots applying sunscreen to their kids (or themselves.) That wish has been granted thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign that puts sun protection assurance in your back pocket.

The product is called Sunscreenr. It may look like a kid's toy, but it's a waterproof camera fitted with a UV-filter that lets you see exactly where the sunscreen is and where it isn't.

Sunscreenr Gif Sunscreenr may look like something you got in a cereal box, but it's a waterproof camera with a built-in UV filter. (Photo: Sunscreenr/Kickstarter)

Created by Dave Cohen, a biochemist/entrepreneur with a family history of skin cancer, Sunscreenr works in much the same way Leveritt's camera does but at a fraction of the size and cost. “With Sunscreenr, we’ve taken powerful imaging technology used by scientists and re-imagined it in a simple device that makes it easy to see if your skin is protected,” explains Cohen.

As you can see in the image at the top of this post, sunscreen-protected skin appears dark (thanks to the sunscreen's UV blockers,) while spots that haven't been covered appear light. It's easy to tell if there are spots you've missed or if the sunscreen has worn off. The little gadget even comes with a selfie-port so you can turn the lens on yourself and watch the playback to make sure you're covered.

The Sunscreenr campaign is already fully funded, but you can still get in on the action and pick up your own UV camera at a discounted price for a few more weeks. Check out the Kickstarter campaign or keep an eye out for Sunscreenrs to hit stores later this year.

Tiny camera reveals where you're covered by sunscreen — and where you're not
Dave Cohen, a biochemist/entrepreneur with a family history of skin cancer, created Sunscreenr as a sun-protection tool for families.