Heard about Concord., California's money-saving — and sad and brown — Christmas tree? I took a little walk today to find a similar friend in my own ‘hood — Santa Monica’s slightly sad live Christmas tree!

A treehugging neighbor must have planted it recently. While these trees may be a bit scraggly looking, both Concord’s and my little neighborhood trees are alive and green — at least in spirit!

For the rest of you — unless you went the rental or eco-reusable route — it’s time for treecycling. In my ‘hood, we have a “Park Your Tree” program, where residents can simply drop off their dead trees at a nearby park to be mulched by the city.

My neighbors are apparently really eager to get Christmas festivities over with, because the park’s already about to turn into a fire hazard!

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For easy treecycling, look into what options your city or municipality’s providing. Or in a pinch, check out MNN’s ultimate guide to Christmas tree recycling!

'Tis the season for treecycling
My neighbors are planting sad looking live trees -- and recycling even sadder dead brown ones. Go and do likewise!