If you're one of the many who has sampled meat-alternative dishes and begrudgingly wished they were a bit more convincing, it's time to give it another shot. 

Beyond Meat, the company backed by such investors as Bill Gates and the founders of Twitter, is slowly making its plant-based chicken available nationwide. For now, you can find it in Sprouts and Whole Foods markets — but soon, the hope is that the tasty meat alternative will become as ubiquitous as its inspiration. 

“We really do think of ourselves as a meat company, but we’re using all plant-based inputs,” co-founder Brent Taylor recently said in an interview. “We like to celebrate meat and we’d like to be able to provide people the benefits of eating meat in an environment they normally do, but not have to make the sacrifices on taste and texture in the general dishes that they love.”

Beyond Meat has found that the best way to convince people of their product's mettle against traditional meats is to have them sample two dishes and try and choose the real from fake. As the hosts of the "Today" show recently discovered, it's no easy task. Check out the clip below to learn more about the company and see who was fooled by the plant-based dishes. 

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'Today' hosts fooled by vegan meatless meats
Matt Lauer and the gang sample Beyond Meat's plant-based chicken — and come away impressed.