Locally-made tofu can be a lot tougher to find than locally-layed eggs -- which is why I've been on a quest to find locavore-friendly tofu since 2006. If you've been on a similar search, I have good news for you -- if you live in California or New Jersey. House Foods America makes organic tofu in both New Jersey and Garden Grove., Calif. -- and the Garden Grove facility just got a new solar power system.

I got to see the 215kW photovoltaic solar electric system first hand earlier this week, when House Foods held an event in celebration of its green-powered facility. Garden Grove mayor William J. Dalton and Mayor Pro Tempore Steve Jones came to the event to take a look at the panels in action — and to taste the solar power-made tofu in dishes specially created by Chef Nori Sugie, former Chef de Cuisine at Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental, New York.


House Foods organic tofuI know purists hope for 100% solar-power produced tofu made locally from locally-grown soybeans — but real life tofu eaters will have to settle for greener-than-most tofu. Though they cover a big chunk of the roof, House Foods new solar panels make just 10 percent of the energy used by the facilities. And though the tofu’s made locally -- at least for those in California and New Jersey -- the soybeans are grown mainly in Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota for the west coast, and Ohio and Michigan for the west coast.

Still, partially solar-power produced tofu made near you using organic soybeans grown in the U.S. is pretty good, compared to most of the tofu out there. Do you seek out locally-made tofu for vegetarian protein?

Tofu made with solar power
Want organic tofu made with solar power? House Foods America's Garden Grove facility draws 10 percent of its tofu-making energy from the sun.