Besides a cover story interview with President Barack Obama, this month's Rolling Stone magazine also features a meaty piece of insight with "A Day in the life of Tom Hanks." As a fan of the actor (I mean, c'mon, you have to be running low on soul not to like Hanks), it's a great article and definitely worth a read.

While Hanks, 56, shares everything from his love of history to his start in the business, one small bit that has been copied and pasted around the Web is his embrace of Alec Baldwin's sugar-free diet.

You might remember earlier this year when the "30 Rock" star was spotted looking trimmer around NYC. With the help of his yoga, vegan-eating girlfriend (now wife), Baldwin was able to drop more than 30 pounds in four months.

"It's amazing," he told Access Hollywood. "(I do) Pilates, spin, not as much yoga as I'd like. When we're shooting ('30 Rock') it's tough ... When we're shooting and I can't work out, I just have to eat less. So, I'm very conscious of that. But sugar was the real killer for me — that was the problem."

In the Rolling Stone interview, Hanks says Baldwin's transformation was an inspiration for his own health.

"I ran into Alec Baldwin, who looks fabulous, and said, 'Dude, your health is so fantastic.' And he said 'Yeah. White sugar. I'm staying away from white sugar as much as I can'

"You get into your mid-50s and you find out you have high blood sugar, and you say, 'What the f**k? Me? No.' But, yeah," he added.

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Tom Hanks inspired by Alec Baldwin to drop sugar
Actor tells Rolling Stone that Baldwin's new healthy look pushed him to eat better.