Greenpeace activists dressed up as Orange Roughy in front of Trader Joe's for a Traitor Joe's protest

Remember how Trader Joe’s got an F on Greenpeace’s Sustainable Seafood Guide? The bad news for the popular retailer doesn’t stop there. Apparently, scoring even lower than Target and Wal-Mart when it comes to sustainable seafood has made Trader Joe’s a target for Greenpeace’s latest campaign: Traitor Joe’s.

Greenpeace activists with customer in front of Trader Joe's for a Traitor Joe's protest

Greenpeace activists are protesting Trader Joe’s fishy policies both on land and line. San Francisco stores were treated to a fishy show — two activists dressed up as the endangered orange roughy, plus more activists in Hawaiian shirts like those worn by Trader Joe’s employees asking customers to vote for sustainable seafood.

traitorjoes by you.

I think the funnier part of the protest’s on Twitter though. @TraitorJoes tweets snarkily, defending his right to deplete the oceans of fish. The Traitor Joe’s spoof website welcomes visitors to its “one-stop-shop for ocean destruction”: “My favorite fish to devour are Chilean sea bass and orange roughy.”

Even before Traitor Joe’s launched, enviro foodies oft complained of Trader Joe’s fishy practices — the chain actually comes in dead last in Greenpeace’s rankings of any national store — which makes me think that at this point, Trader Joe’s has a simple profit motive for adopting better seafood policies. We’ll see what new fishy stories emerge as the Traitor Joe’s campaign hooks more Twitter followers.

Photos: Kim White / Greenpeace