Greener Cleaner Los Angeles logoAlways mean to mix your own green cleaning products from scratch — then end up getting overwhelmed and never cleaning the house? This, I imagine, happens a lot — because I really get a lot of friends and readers ask me if I know of an affordable green cleaning service -- and I too seem to be unable to stay on top of dusting and window-cleaning.

Luckily, like many cities, we’ve got a handful of green cleaning companies in L.A. now. These companies use self-mixed cleaning concoctions and products from green companies like Seventh Generation and Dr. Bronner’s.

So last Friday, my apartment got cleaned by Greener Cleaner Los Angeles. Friendly cleaners showed up — in Greener Cleaner polo shirts — with HEPA vaccums and eco-friendly cleaning products in tow. When they cleaned the windows, I could smell the vinegar! Of course, no harsh chemicals were used. In the end, my apartment smelled not of bleach and 409 but like orange oil and lemons — the real stuff, not artificial fragrances!

Does green cleaning cost more? Obviously, this depends on the company and the competition in your area. For Greener Cleaner Los Angeles, rates are $50 an hour for 2 cleaners — $75 for 3 — and how long the cleaning process takes depends on the size and state of your place. After the first visit, you’re given a service invoice with discount prices for recurring cleaning service. Sign up for weekly service, and you get a whopping 40% off the $50 per hour price! Even monthly service will net you a 10% discount on each visit.

Reflective coffee table

Some of my windows and blinds were cleaned for the first time in years! I discovered my glass coffee table’s actually a lot more reflective than I thought it was! Julio, one of the cleaners, said as he was leaving that I should start “feeling a lot better”: “It looked pretty clean when we came in but there was quite a lot of dust.” True –

Want your own place green cleaned? Greener Cleaner Los Angeles serves the L.A.-area, but googling for green cleaning services in your 'hood will likely turn up some companies in your neck of the woods too. I'm now determined to try and maintain the clean apartment on my own -- We'll see how long that resolve lasts!

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