Do you have old prescriptions that you’ll never use? What do you do with them? Disposing of them in the trash or down the toilet means those drugs will eventually end up in our soil or water. Letting them languish in your kitchen or medicine cabinets takes up space and can be potentially dangerous if you have teens or young adults or their friends in your home. Prescription drug abuse is a major epidemic among youth, and they have easy access to those drugs in their parents’ medicine cabinets, especially when the prescriptions are going unused and unnoticed.


To help solve this problem, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is holding its fourth annual Take-Back Day.  Over the past three years, almost 500 tons of prescription drugs have been turned in at the collection sites.


To find the nearest collection site, you can input your ZIP code into the DEA’s collection site locator. I’ll be able to drop of old prescription drugs at my local police station. The DEA will dispose of the drugs properly, and I’ll gain back some cabinet space and not have to worry about my almost-teen or his friends being tempted by them.


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Turn in your unused prescription medications to DEA
The Drug Enforcement Administration will be taking back unused prescription medications for safe disposal on April 28. Find the drop-off location nearest you.