AltUse logoGot an innovative use for oatmeal — besides as a face mask, sunburn relief balm or breakfast? Then share it at AltUse — and you could be $50 richer.

AltUse, self-described as “the ultimate destination for everything Alternative Use,” is like an eco Instructables — dedicated to using what you’ve got to make what you need or accomplish what you want to do. Why drink vodka when you can clean eyeglasses with it? Or buy new storage containers when you can knit your own from the stash of disposable plastic bags your less-eco neighbor stockpiled?

And right now, AltUse is getting creative environmentalists to submit their best ideas for AltUse. Each day for the rest of this month (I know — not that many days left) — one AltUse idea submitter will net $50 for her brilliant suggestion. Submit more than one idea, and you could get the $100 awarded for submitting the most approved AltUses.

Shower curtain rings on keyboard

Browse the site for ideas — and try searching for items you’ve got too much of and don’t know how to get rid of. Unfortunately, there’s no alternative use so far for plastic shower curtain rings — which is what I searched for, now that I’ve switched to a recycled polyester shower curtain that doesn’t require rings. If you’ve got an idea for what I should do with them, let me know in the comments — and enter the idea into AltUse!

Top image via AltUse

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