Already tried poaching salmon in your dishwasher? Then you're ready for dessert — so why not try baking cookies in your car?

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If you haven’t gotten rid of your car already, I’d like to think you’re using the thing as little as possible — so here’s a chance to put the four-wheeler to good use as a solar oven while it is parked. Baking Bites has step-by-step directions, complete with a recipe and detailed photo-illustration (via Lifehacker).

My one suggestion would be to go with homemade organic cookie dough for safety, health and eco-friendliness. You’ve likely already heard about the tainted cookie dough recalls — which is why I recommend making your own cookie dough to know exactly what good ingredients are going in your dessert while reducing packaging.

If I were making these, I’d opt for vegan cookies for added safety. The U.S. FDA website recommends cooking eggs at above 160 degrees to kill salmonella — and while Baking Bits’ car temperature went up to 180 degrees, I’m concerned my car-oven wouldn’t get quite as hot. To that end, here’s a recipe for organic vegan chocolate chip cookies!

Photo courtesy of Baking Bites

Turn your car into a solar oven
Baking Bites shows you how to bake chocolate chip cookies in your overheated, street-parked car.