Where's Scott? It's the "Where's Waldo?" question of the running community as runners around the world keep track of ultramarathoner Scott Jurek on his attempt to break the Appalachian Trail speed record.

The Appalachian Trail — or AT as it is known — is the famous 2,160-mile trail that carves a path from Georgia to Maine. Many a hiker has dreamed about making a "thru-hike" on the AT — a journey that for many takes several months of arduous hiking. Jurek hopes to run the entire trail in 42 days.

Jurek is already an ultrarunning legend. He currently holds seven championship titles for the prestigious Western States Endurance Run (a 100-mile race held yearly in California.) But he is hoping his latest attempt will be the masterpiece of his endurance running career.

The current speed record for the Appalachian Trail is 46 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes, set by Jennifer Pharr-Davis in 2011. Incidentally, Pharr-Davis made the north-to-south version of the trek, starting in Maine and finishing in Georgia, while Jurek turned the tables and started his trek in Georgia while hoping to cross the finish line in Maine.

That means that although Jurek has already traveled almost 1,500 miles on the trail, he still has some of the most difficult portions of the trail yet to come. The hilly and rocky terrain of the Northeast, along with greater distance between support stops, may slow Jurek down. But at the moment he is right on pace to finish his journey by July 7.

Jurek is documenting his journey on Facebook and Instagram, taking lots of fun cool shots along the way.

You can also keep track of Jurek on the Runner's World website where you can follow the nifty infographic to find out just "Where's Scott?" on any given day.

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