Couldn’t make it to your local sheriff’s office to drop off your unwanted drugs last month? Now you have a more convenient everyday option — at your local Walgreens.

Drop by a Walgreens store near you to get a special envelope from the pharmacy counter. Put your unwanted prescription or over-the-counter drugs in the envelope, seal, and drop it off in the nearest mailbox!

There is one catch for penny pinchers, however: Each envelope will cost you $2.99. On the upside, postage is included in that price — and the convenience can’t be beat, since the first nationwide safe medication disposal program will be available at any of the more than 7,500 Walgreens stores across the U.S.

I tend not to like to pay for services I can get for free, so I’m not the best candidate for this program. I ended up not going to the DEA’s National Take-Back Day last month — but I did recycle my drugs! I simply realized that Santa Monica’s household hazardous waste center was much closer to me and open four days a week — so I just dropped off my drugs there.

Where do you take your expired drugs? Or if you’ve been stockpiling expired meds because your local household hazardous waste center just isn’t open during hours that are convenient for you, will you be taking advantage of Walgreens’ new program?

Walgreens' safe drug disposal program
Now you can dispose of unwanted drugs safely by getting a mailable envelope at your local Walgreens. The envelopes are convenient -- and cost $2.99 each.