What could be more fun than trying something you've always wanted to try? Maybe practicing something that you know you already love. I'll get to do both at the upcoming Wanderlust Festival held at Stratton, Vt. (Are you a long way from New England? There are other Wanderlusts taking place in Colorado, Whistler in Canada, and California.) 


From June 20-24 this summer (solstice!), Wanderlust comes to me, and not only will I be doing some Kripalu yoga — my very favorite kind — I'm going to try some stuff I've been dying to check out. I'll be bravely attempting Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (yes, I fully intend to fall into the water! That way I won't be surprised when it happens) which has been on my mind since I first heard about folks doing it off the California a couple years back. And I'm excited to learn some Acroyoga techniques so that my boyfriend and I can try it at home. 


At night, we'll get rocked by musical guests like Ani DiFranco (who is an incredible live performer — I've seen her thrice, and she is not only a politically savvy folk singer, she is a damn fun show woman), Ziggy Marley and Beats Antique.


And it's not all yoga. There are hikes led by wilderness experts/nature lovers like Tim Walsh, hooping classes, meditations, and some interesting talks at the Speakeasy Lectures, like MoveOn founder Eli Pariser's "How Algorithms Decide What we Pay Attention to, and What We Can do About It". There's also bound to be great shopping in the Kula Market, and The Beauty Bar is hosting some of my fave brands. 


And to top it all off, my good friend and healing arts practitioner Cara Joy will be working in the Healing Sanctuary, offering ashiastu massage (that's with her feet! Yes, it's awesome), as well as sound therapy, human design readings and Theta Healing. She'll be joined by plenty of other experts in the healing arts, so whenever one is in the mood for massage, it's on. 


Look for a slideshow of me making an idiot of myself/trying new things directly after the festival. And if you're an MNN reader who wants to meet up, say hello in the comments and we can figure something out!

Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

Wanderlust: Yoga, music and festival fun for a healthy summer break
I can't wait to attend the Vermont stop of this traveling fest.