Need motivation to get to the gym? You may not need to look any further than your closet. Good exercise gear may be just the push you need to get your workout in, and the right outfit might even make you work harder to achieve your fitness goals.

According to a new survey, the right clothes are the key to a solid fitness routine. Ninety percent of the 2,000 gym-goers who responded to the survey reported they were motivated to exercise just by having their workout gear on. And 85 percent said that good-looking exercise clothes gave them more confidence.

"Confidence is half the battle, and having workout gear that highlights your hard work really helps motivate you to get your sweat on," said Alex Hanson, co-founder of Barbell Apparel, the company that conducted the survey.

Workout clothes infographic Many exercisers are a firm believer in 'power outfits' that make you feel and perform your best when working out. (Photo: Barbell Apparel)

I can attest to this truth. If I know I won't have a chance to workout until later in the day, I usually go ahead and put my running clothes on as soon as possible. This not only keeps me motivated, it also sidesteps any attempts I might make to talk myself out of a run. No matter how pressed I am for time, if I'm already dressed, I can at least get out there for one mile and more often than not, one mile turns into two or three or four. Plus, I would feel really rotten at the end of the day if I changed out of unused exercise clothes knowing that I hadn't gotten in my workout.

The survey found that the right workout outfit could not only help you get to the gym, it can also help you improve your performance while you're there. Nine out of 10 people reported that they felt performance-based exercise gear helped them push themselves harder when they worked out.

Workout clothes infographic - 2 Don't feel like working out? Just put on the clothes and you might change your mind. (Photo: Barbell Apparel)

Overall, 79 percent of the gym-goers who responded to the survey said "good" gym clothes were a critical factor in helping them achieve their fitness goals.

If that's not reason enough to treat yourself to to some new workout clothes, I don't know what is!

Want to get fit? Get new clothes
New survey finds that a good outfit could be the key to fitness success.