Made — or bought — too much eggnog for your holiday parties? Don't dump the stuff down the drain yet! Thanks to food blogger Alanna Kellogg, you can turn the leftover drink into everything from quick bread to pancakes!

To help you out, Alanna put together a whole list of recipes that let you use up leftover eggnog — arranged by the amount of eggnog required. Only have a half cup left? Then make Eggnog Cheesecake Bars for dessert. Went way overboard and have 5 cups to get rid of? Try making Eggnog Rice Pudding. And check out Alanna's whole post for recipes requiring all amounts in between.

Don't have any leftover eggnog, but want to try some eggnog-inspired dishes anyway? Joy the Baker has a recipe and instructions for making Eggnog Pancakes — sans eggnog! The photo-illustrated posts will have you craving a big holiday breakfast ...

All that eggnog talk have you — craving eggnog itself? Instructables has step-by-step instructions for making eggnog from scratch, perhaps for your New Year's Eve party. Vegans need not feel left out either, thanks to this recipe for vegan eggnog at Elena's Pantry. The photo above is actually the veganized version of the traditional drink! Enjoy the rest of 2009 with less wasted ingredients and more delicious drinks — and food!

Waste not eggnog, want not cheesecake
Don't let that holiday eggnog go to waste! Try a post-party recipe to put the winter drink to good use.