Less than a day after a scuffle involving a a New York Daily News photographer, Alec Baldwin appeared on "Letterman" to explain the incident and promote his new healthy lifestyle. 


The 54-year-old was leaving a N.Y. courthouse Tuesday after securing a marriage license with fiance Hilaria Thomas when one photographer got a bit too close for comfort. A couple pushes (and alleged punches) later, Baldwin was once again in the gossip spotlight. 


As he explained it David Letterman, however, the whole thing was just a giant misunderstanding. "I think you can see I'm forming the letter F with my mouth," said a joking Baldwin, pointing at the Daily News cover. "And what I'm saying is — I said to him as I walked up to him, 'What F-stop are you on with the camera?' And he said, 'I'm on a something,' and I said, 'That's not the F-stop ... You have to set the camera on the right F-stop.'"


After a bit of goading, the actor attempted to change the subject to his recent weight loss. 


"You were talking about swimsuit season, correct?" Baldwin asked Letterman. "I've been trying to diet and I've lost so much weight that the problem is none of my clothes fit me. If you put your hands in your pockets, your pants come down."


"You can see, I'll go to any length to change the subject from current events," he added. 


Since finding out that he was prediabetic in May 2011, Baldwin has been on a mission to get healthier. 


"I gave up sugar," he told Access Hollywood. "I lost 30 pounds in four months. It's amazing."


"(I do) Pilates, spin, not as much yoga as I'd like," he added. "When we're shooting ['30 Rock'] it's tough ... When we're shooting and I can't work out, I just have to eat less. So, I'm very conscious of that. But sugar was the real killer for me — that was the problem."


During the recent Cannes Film Festival, the "Rock of Ages" star even allowed cameras to film his yoga routine with fiance Thomas. "Everyone wants to be with someone who eats and drinks and is compatible with them in that way," he says in the clip. "I'm with someone who is very, very, very healthy." 


You can see the pants-dropping clip from "Letterman" below. 



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