Climber John Freeman recently posted a video of a scary fall he took while ice climbing in Banff National Park two years ago. Freeman, an experienced and skilled climber, was high up on a free-standing ice pillar when one of his ax blows created a fault that snapped the ice clean from the face. His helmet cam caught his perspective as everything in his world suddenly fell out from under him.

Watch the amazing video here:

The steepness of the slope underneath the pillar and the snowy surface bled off enough of the energy of Freeman’s fall (along with a huge dose of luck) that he survived with nothing more than bumps and bruises. Being a super-fit climber helped as well.

You can find photos of Freeman’s climb over at AOL UK.

This photo in particular shows just how high up Freeman was when he fell and how much ice went down with him. His survival is remarkable.

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Watch: Climber John Freeman rides out a massive collapsing ice pillar and survives to climb the next day
Luck was with John Freeman in Canada’s Banff National Park when the massive ice pillar he was delicately climbing on collapsed under his feet.