When it comes to raising awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Liam Neeson has gone leaps and bounds beyond your standard show of pink. 


The 60-year-old actor appeared on "The Ellen Show" Monday in nothing but a pink bathrobe and some hot pink briefs. As she does every year, DeGeneres is raising money the entire month of October to fund breast cancer research to find a cure. 


Neeson was to wear the robe while getting a bucket of water dumped on his head to score $10,000 for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, but decided to up the ante. “If I take this off, does the $10,000 become $20,000? Just asking.” Of course, Ellen said yes. She would make it happen.


What transpired next goes down as yet another brilliant piece of television history — as well as a hilarious and generous use of fame from Neeson. Well done, sir. You've indeed raised the bar. Check out the fun below, and good luck trying not to laugh. 


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Watch: Liam Neeson strips down for charity
Movie actor Liam Neeson almost goes the full monty after appearing on "Ellen" to help raise funds for breast cancer research. “If I take this off, does the $1