Pop quiz...

Last week I wrote a post about the world's deadliest animal. Do you remember what it was? If you said mosquito, give yourself a pat on the back.

Certain mosquitos carry malaria, a disease that makes these insects deadlier to humans than any other animal. Malaria has been eliminated in 62 countries since the 1960s, yet it still kills 600,000 people — mostly children — globally each year.

But a world without malaria is possible, and may not be as far away as we think. The prevention, treatment and elimination methods exist to completely eradicate malaria worldwide. So what's holding it up? It's a matter of getting the funds and resources to the places that need them most. Here's how we could have a world without malaria:

How We Could Have A World Without Malaria

How We Could Have A World Without Malaria [Infographic] by the team at Work The World

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