A lot of fast food is not so great for your health — but is it as bad as heroin? A heavy-handed PSA by the Precinct Studios equates feeding kids junk food with shooting them up with heroin. Drastic hyperbole or helpful comparison? (via GOOD)

Before you answer that question, here’s a sad statistic: Americans are definitely eating a lot of fast food — but they’re not eating their five a day! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that in 2009, only 32.5 percent of adults ate two or more servings of fruit a day, while an even lower 26.3 percent managed to get their three servings of veggies. Do you number among the less-than 1/3 of American adults who get their five a day?

And for a depressing, long read this weekend, click over to EcoSalon’s list of the 10 biggest issues with the global food system and get the sad lowdown on everything from exploitation of workers to monocrops. But before you run away from this, there is a good part: Each of those 10 issues is paired with a suggestion about what you can do to combat the problem.

Weekend foodie links: Eat your veggies
A new PSA compares feeding kids fast food burgers to shooting them up with heroin. Plus, most Americans aren't eating their fruits and veggies. Are you?