Campaign for Safe Cosmetics video stillLead in lipstick, formaldehyde in baby shampoo ... Tainted personal care products and cosmetics isn’t really news to the health and eco-conscious readers of MNN, but most people still don’t know that these products we use daily are virtually unregulated — and contain all sorts of scary, inadequately tested chemicals.

Now, the nonprofit Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is working to shrink that health education gap with a three-part video series. The first video below follows Mia, grassroots coordinator for the nonprofit, while she talks with people enjoying a day at the Boston Public Garden how many personal care products they use every day — and how much they know (or don’t know) about what those products contain.
Future videos will focus on ingredient label loopholes in the cosmetics industry — and the need for grassroots action to push the government to pass better legislation to regulate the personal care product industry. Watch out for those in the coming weeks — and in the meantime, here’s how you can avoid lead and formaldehyde!

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What chemical lurks in your lotion?
Many people still don't know the products they use daily may contain lead, formaldehyde, and other scary chemicals.