What if some of our fundamental ideas about obesity are just wrong? This is the question asked by Peter Attia, a surgeon and researcher who has dedicated his medical career to investigating the relationship between nutrition, obesity and diabetes.  

Even though the U.S. has recently ceded its title of world's fattest nation to neighboring Mexico, there is no doubt that we are still in the midst of a full-blown obesity epidemic in this country. And while many have argued about the cause of this epidemic — processed foods, inactivity, super-sized sugary drinks — no has ever questioned the reason why Americans are getting fatter. Excess calories + lack of exercise = obesity. Right?

But this is the exact notion that Attia turns on its head in his recent TED MED talk. Attia openly admits to a time when he had contempt for his obese patients who found themselves facing secondary health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. But that contempt turned to confusion when the health-conscious doctor who ate well and spent hours each day exercising found himself packing on the pounds. His diagnosis with metabolic syndrome led him to question what the cause of obesity really is, and whether or not the medical community is fighting the wrong battle in the war on obesity.

Certainly worth a watch. Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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What if everything we think about obesity is wrong?
Surgeon and medical researcher Peter Attia challenges us to rethink the cause and effect of obesity in this thought-provoking TED MED talk.