Rockstar drinks have the sugar equivalent of a half dozen Krispe Kremes, illustrated Eat This, Not That’s list of 20 Worst Drinks in America 2010. If browsing through that list made you turn to fruitier, healthier sounding drinks this summer, here’s a new scary list that may make you readjust your drinking habit again. Grist’s put together a collection of six drinks to avoid slipping down your gullet that’ll show you just how unhealthy many of these healthy-sounding drinks are.

The first on the list is Fuze Refresh “Peach-Mango” — which apparently contains neither peach nor mango but does contain a lot of sweeteners, plus tasty-sounding ingredients like pyridoxine hydrochloride and cyanacobalamin.

I think Fuze is a relatively new brand, but you may be saddened to find nostalgia-inducing drinks on Grist’s list — like the childhood favorite Tang and high school regret Smirnoff Ice. What’s wrong with Smirnoff Ice, you ask, claiming you drink the green apple flavor for the Vitamin C? We don’t know — because according to the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Smirnoff need not disclose its ingredients.

What not to drink, redux
Learn why you should avoid the folly of Fuze, the trouble with Tang, and the secrets hiding behind Smirnoff Ice.