Did you love The Meatrix, with Moofius exposing the scariness of factory farmed meat? Then here’s some more entertaining eco-edutainment for you, this time featuring evil baby bottles and scheming smart phones.

These animated characters are part of the toxic chemical lobby push to brainstorm ways to stop — or at least drastically water down — a reform of the current laws, which aren’t strong enough to keep cancer-causing chemicals out of basic consumer goods.

While humorous, the short video covers a lot of ground. You’ll get a crash course on what crazy chemical is in what seemingly benign everyday item, what sneaky techniques the chemical industry has used to halt reform in the past ("I know — we can put green on all our products!”), and what tactics they’re trying to use now to water down new efforts to regulate toxic chemicals.

Watch and learn — then visit the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families site to write your members of Congress, urging them to reform our chemical laws.

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When baby bottles get evil
A new cute animated video reveals the dirty tactics behind the toxic chemical lobby.