One of the new year’s resolutions I made this year was to wake up earlier. That meant going to bed earlier — a habit I tried to encourage by drinking delicious, sleep-inducing teas in the evenings. Now, I’ve got a list of favorite somnolent teas — and two of these are made by Yogi.

You’ve probably seen Yogi teas — made mostly with organic ingredients — at Whole Foods or other natural food stores. Because the tea leaves used in Yogi teas aren’t fair trade certified, I often opt against them — but feel comfortable making an exception for its herbal teas that don’t actually include tea leaves. After all, it’s the caffeine-free teas I need to get sleepy.

If you love licorice and chamomile, I recommend Yogi’s Bedtime, which combines organic licorice root with organic chamomile flower for a relaxing drink rich in flavor. Those two ingredients are the most prominent flavors, but the tea also contains valerian, passion flower, cardamom and cinnamon — all natural ingredients said to help you relax.

For the somewhat braver, there’s Yogi’s Kava Stress Relief, a tea that’ll actually induce some real physical effects. After drinking a cup of this stuff I really felt heavier and drowsier. My muscles relaxed, like after a half glass of wine — and my tongue even got a little numb.

The effects were significant enough that I got curious and read the Wikipedia page on Kava, which scared me a bit with its stories of potential — but as of yet not fully studied — side effects. I was mildly assured by reading other studies about Kava’s potential effectiveness for treating anxiety. As to Kava’s long-term safety, the jury still appears to be out.

For my part, I feel comfortable having the tea once in a while; decide on your own if Kava’s something you want to try. Yogi’s Kava Stress Relief doesn’t actually taste like traditional Kava drinks, which are said to taste like dirty water. Instead, the tea tastes like its other ingredients — a chocolatey mix of hazelnut, cinnamon, and licorice.

Yogi teas are available at stores nationwide or online at Yogi’s web store. A box of 16 tea bags costs $4.99. Sleep well –

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