Eating local, healthy foods is apparently helping Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin save money too. At GOOD, Xeni shares her easy yogurt-making instructions: “It takes maybe 20 minutes of actual work and attention, zero equipment beyond stuff I already had in my kitchen, and yields a yummier, healthier, and yes, “probiotic” product that costs five to 10 times less than the store-bought stuff.” (via lifehacker)

Sterilizing the equipment seems like the toughest part of the process. Unfortunately Xeni uses a lot of disposable plastic cups to make her yogurt [correction: Xeni does not use plastic cups! The GOOD people decided to use Flickr photos from someone who used plastic cups, which confused me] — but I’m sure you can find more eco-friendly reusable substitutes.

Made too much yogurt — or let the yogurt you bought expire? Reader’s Digest has some great advice for using up old yogurt (via good human via allie’s answers). The article has instructions to:

  • Make moss “paint” — basically a moss-yogurt mixture that’ll beget more moss.
  • Make a face mask
  • Relieve sunburn — if you’re able to time your accidental burning with your accidentally letting yogurt expire
  • Make fingerpaint
  • Cure pet flatulence
Depending on how much yogurt you usually buy, these tips could end up saving you quite a bit of money -- and keeping a lot of packaging out of the waste stream! Enjoy the yummy yogurt, the painting fun, and the extra cash –

Photo: Leamington Malfoof

Yogurt that keeps on giving
Save money by making your yogurt -- then putting even your expired to good use!