The days when drinking eco-ethical tea and coffee meant settling for subpar taste are long gone. The greenest green tea I’ve tasted is also the tastiest! Zhena’s Gypsy Tea’s line of biodynamic green teas will meet every environmentalist’s green criteria — and satisfy every tea drinker’s taste buds too, if my friends’ reactions are any indication.

I invited some friends over for chocolates and tea earlier this week — and the Zhena’s Caramelized Pear biodynamic green tea drew oohs and aahs. The tea’s mix of fruity flavor with rich caramel goodness — derived from organic pears and sugar cane — makes it a deliciously fragrant green tea, no sugar required!

Zhena's biodynamic Caramelized Pear green tea

Zhena’s tea also beats out all other green teas I’ve seen yet on environmental criteria. The yummy brew’s not only organic certified but also Demeter certified as biodynamic — and fair trade certified for its ethical labor practices too!

And the tea looks beautiful too, delicately couched in pretty corn silk sachets — that are, of course, GMO-free and biodegradable — though loose-leaf tea fans may rue that even eco-friendlier unsacheted versions aren’t available — at least not yet.

The biodynamic teas are available in several flavors: Black Forest Berry, Blueberry Vanilla, Kiwi Peach, Mango Ginger, and my pick, Caramelized Pear. Discerning tea drinkers can buy Zhena’s biodynamic green teas in many stores and online at Zhena’s webstore. A recyclable tin of 15 tea sachets costs $9.99.

Bottom photo by Siel

Zhena's green tea: A fragrant biodynamic brew
For biodynamic goodness full of organic fruity flavor, try Zhena's Gypsy Tea's new line of good-for-you green teas.