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10 extreme ways to enjoy the outdoors

By: Sidney Stevens on July 15, 2011, 10:50 a.m.
guy jumping off a cliff to swing in a canyon

Photo: Youtube

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Canyon swinglining

If the playground swings didn't supply the rush you longed for as a kid, this sport might just fulfill your childhood yearnings — especially if you love the towering grandeur of canyon walls and crave the mind explosion of sailing headlong through them like a bird riding the wind. It's called swinglining, and as this video of madcap (emphasis on mad, as in deranged) canyon swingers in Moab, Utah, attests, pictures really are worth a thousand words. What more can we say? You'll either be satisfied with the vicarious thrill of watching from the safety of your computer screen or those canyon walls will be calling your name.