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10 extreme ways to enjoy the outdoors

By: Sidney Stevens on July 15, 2011, 10:50 a.m.
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Most of us love the seaside — ocean views, rocky coasts, inlets, coves and caves — but we're content to admire these sites from afar. Not so coasteering buffs. For these extreme sea lovers, admiration means getting up close and personal — i.e. donning a wetsuit and helmet and scrambling from rock to rock, scaling craggy cliffs, diving into the water, maneuvering into sea caves, etc. — all without the aid of boats, craft or much of anything at all. The sport began in the U.K. with its abundance of difficult-to-reach rocky coastal bluffs. However, coasteering is now gaining an international following in places like South Africa, Mallorca, Cyprus and most any remote spot with a stretch of rugged coastline.