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10 traumatic phobias inspired by nature

By: Sidney Stevens on May 10, 2012, 12:02 p.m.
starry night sky (Anablephobia)

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You may remember lying on your back in summer contemplating the wild blue yonder overhead. Or maybe you’re inspired by the vastness of the night sky filled with stars and galaxies that seem to spread forever. But those with anablephobia (literally the fear of looking up) aren’t fascinated or comforted by any of it —  not by the immensity of what stretches above us or the awesome mysteries of the universe beyond. In fact, the very notion of so much infinite space shakes them to the core. Some anablephobes can be overwhelmed by a feeling of insignificance while others are “Chicken Littles,” always fretting that the sky (and other heavenly objects) are falling.