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8 deadly diseases cured by modern science

By: Bryan Nelson on June 21, 2019, 12:32 p.m.
Dog wearing a collar showing a rabies vaccination tag

Photo: Beth Tribe/Flickr

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Capable of being transmitted across the species barrier, usually through biting, rabies is a threat to virtually every species of mammal. It is characterized by nervous system conditions such as excitation, paranoia, anxiety, confusion and even fear of water. Hypersalivation is also a common symptom, making the sight of any animal foaming at the mouth a terrifying experience.

The good news is, the disease can be prevented by vaccination, even if the injection occurs shortly after initial infection. Since it is most commonly transmitted via biting, there's usually little doubt about when transmission occurs.

Though the disease can be difficult to control among wild animals, it has been successfully eliminated from the dog population in the United States.