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10 natural wellness getaways to soothe your soul

By: Josh Lew on March 6, 2017, 1:29 p.m.
People cover themselves in the black sands of Ibusuki.

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Ibusuki Sand Bath, Japan

The Japanese island of Kyushu is known for its geothermal springs. In Ibusuki, however, people do not come to soak in water, but in sand. Like mineral-rich springs, the sand here is said to provide certain health benefits. Many people believe that the potency of the minerals is enhanced because they are being buried in a solid material instead of soaking in liquid.

Ibusuki's spa-goers are, quite literally, buried in the sand with only their heads remaining above ground. Aside from general detoxification (the sand is hot enough to make you sweat profusely) and beautification, a treatment session, which typically lasts about 15 minutes, could be beneficial for people with anemia, asthma or diabetes.