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The best celebrity weight loss stories of 2011

By: Michael d'Estries on Dec. 29, 2011, 8:33 a.m.
Kirstie Alley arriving at the "Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" premiere in 2011

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Kirstie Alley

The former “Cheers” star kicked off 2011 with an unconventional fitness routine known as ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” The intense dancing competition shot Alley’s training into overdrive and helped her lose more than 100 pounds. "When I hit that [100-pound] mark, I went, 'That's it!'" Alley told People magazine. "I have more energy than I've ever had in my whole life."

Kirstie says she plans to keep the weight off by staying active, eating organic foods and following the diet program she created called Organic Liason.