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Top 20 cities at risk for rodent problems

By: Lea Holland on Nov. 13, 2009, 8:04 a.m.
Three rats near a park fence in Paris

Photo: Florian Bott/Shutterstock

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Rodent Risk Report

Rodent experts Dr. Bruce Colvin and Dale Kaukeinen completed a study in 2007 assessing cities’ risk from rodent populations. This year, d-CON provided the funding for a similar survey reflecting the economic downturn and its possible effect on urban sites and conditions that might affect rodent populations. The experts used census data, city revenues and expenditures plus rates of unemployment and foreclosures to get the complete rodent picture. But rats aren't the only animals these cities have to offer. MNN supplemented their scientific findings with the finer side of the animal kingdom. For each city, we've added a few appealing animal stops — for travelers, or perhaps for the residents seeking to regain some urban pride.