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Behind a horse

I wrote about horse surfing last year when I highlighted seven ultra-green extreme sports. Horses can hit 35 mph on a flat field and can pull riders long behind on a beach at 25 mph or more. Surfers who are able to hang on enjoy a ridable stretch of water rich with waves to trick off of. Here's a video that lays out the basics of horse surfing.

On a flooded street

These surfers decided to take advantage of flooded streets by throwing on a few ropes to a car and riding behind on their boards. I'm sure the people whose houses had been flooded appreciated their levity.

On a tarp 

Tarp surfing offers all of the thrills of ocean surfing without any of the moisture. The sport requires nothing more than a skateboard (or tarpboard), a large blue tarp and a friend willing to pull waves.

In an irrigation ditch

Irrigation canal riding, aka "poor man's waterskiing," has been practiced, in one form or another, for decades in America's agricultural heartland. In this video, the rider's tow rope performs a second function of mowing down the grasses between him and the car.

In the Arctic

OK, so technically these guys are surfing on ocean waves, but come on — they're surfing ocean waves in the Arctic! To help promote a new line of outdoor adventure clothing, Eddie Bauer sent five professional surfers north of the Arctic Circle in search of good waves. Here's what they found.

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