Few things derail a debaucherous Vegas vacation more than a hangover. But even that deterrent may soon disappear thanks to Dr. Jason Burke, the U.S.'s first self-proclaimed "hangover specialist" who is cruising the Vegas strip in a bus offering hangover cures to anyone who can pony up, according to CBS News.


Burke's mobile business venture, titled "Hangover Heaven," certainly presents a compelling product: saunter out from your casino/hotel after a long night at the tables, catch a bus, and no more than 45 minutes later step back off the bus hangover-free, ready to hit the town again.


A board-certified anesthesiologist, Burke says his patented technique can cure 95 percent of hangovers in less than an hour. Most patients should feel relief in just 20 minutes. And the doctor has gone to the lion's den to find his targeted demographic: Vegas.


"People here start drinking at noon and drink until 2 a.m., and they don't want to be miserable in their hotel rooms. They want to go on a helicopter ride or go shopping," said Burke. "Hangovers also tend to be worse in Las Vegas because of the dry climate."


Right. Blame it on the dry climate.


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Fare on the Hangover Heaven bus isn't cheap, depending on how you did at the tables the night before. But Burke says the treatment is worth every penny.


"It's not an inexpensive service to provide, especially to do it well," he said.


Burke offers three different levels of treatment: salvation, redemption and in-room treatment. Salvation is the whole shebang, and involves intravenous hydration, anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications, and vitamin supplementation. It will cost you $200. If you'd prefer to save a little cash for the roulette table, you can choose redemption instead, which involves just the intravenous hydration and costs $130.


If you can't get away from the Keno screen displayed on your in-room television, or if you've really done a number on yourself, the Hangover Heaven doctors can offer their treatment as room service, but you'll pay $500 for the convenience and $375 more for any friends who want to join you.


All of the drugs used by Burke are FDA-approved, and he employs a fully trained medical staff, so you can rest assured that you'll get quality treatment. Those who have tried the treatment will attest to Burke's claims — if the testimonials published on the Hangover Heaven website are any indication:



Of course, Hangover Heaven isn't for everyone, especially those who have type 1 diabetes, kidney disease, severe gastrointestinal issues, and women who are pregnant. Then again, if you're one of those people, you probably shouldn't be going on a drinking binge. Burke is also careful to note that his treatment is no excuse to abuse alcohol.


"Alcohol overdose can kill you, and Hangover Heaven cannot reverse death," Burke warns in a disclaimer.


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After-party bus cruises the Vegas strip offering hangover cures
The U.S.'s first self-proclaimed "hangover specialist" is taking his show on the road-- on the Vegas strip.