Diet advice usually comes in the form of “plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and exercise.” But an Arizona man is turning conventional diet wisdom on its head with his novel approach to weight loss

Evo Terro is consuming nothing but beer and sausage for a month; and the pounds are dropping off.

Terro discovered the diet three years ago and he’s been doing it to celebrate Oktoberfest every year since. Last year he lost 14 pounds.

“Most of it was body fat,” says his doctor, Terry Simpsons. “His cholesterol went down by a third.” 

“We will do the labs to make sure your liver is doing fine, your lipids aren’t out of whack and your cholesterol is fine, blood chemistries are fine and I thought that was good supervision. We knew if something bad happened we would just shut it down,” Simpsons explained.

So is this the new miracle diet? Before you run out and stock up on beer and bratwurst, consider this. Although Terro drinks six beers a day on the diet, he is allowed only two sausages for a total daily calorie intake of a meager 1,500 calories; leaving him constantly hungry and half-soused.

“Low-grade hunger, low-grade buzz. Eh, what are you going to do? It’s only 30 days,” he says.

See Terro talk about his diet in the news clip below:

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