In the 1959 hit song "Love Potion No. 9," Madame Rue mixes up a saucy brew that leads our lovelorn singer to begin “kissing everything in sight.”

Could love in a bottle be a reality?

Long before Pfizer introduced its love drug in a pill and even before Madame Rue began whipping up amorous concoctions in her sink, we’ve been searching for magic love formulas. From Cupid’s arrow and oysters to any number of elixirs and aphrodisiacs, we have always wanted an easy fix to bring love on and make it stick.

The latest quest comes as researchers look into a nasal spray that they think could provide a boost for long-lasting love.

The secret ingredient in the newfangled formula is the hormone oxytocin. Discovered in 1906, oxytocin was long considered a “female hormone” because mothers’ brains release it during childbirth. But further research showed that oxytocin is also released during sex and contact with loved ones, earning it the title of “the cuddle hormone.”

And while nasal spray may be the least romantic vehicle, the researchers suggest that by spraying a big whiff of the hormone straight to the brain by way of the nose, pair bonding may be better cemented. (One can't help but wonder if the researchers go home from work and require excessive snuggling with their spouses.)

Would you give it a shot? ABC News reports on the new development and conducts an informal survey in the video below.

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Could oxytocin nasal spray keep love alive?
Researchers are looking into the potential of ensuring enduring love with a quick squirt of nasal spray.