Given the number of ads and products bearing his name and image, it’s easy to imagine celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz raking in millions of dollars on products and endorsements. In fact, he makes nothing.

While he may talk about the benefits of particular supplements on his television program, "The Dr. Oz Show," he never mentions brand names and has never endorsed a company. He and his team have attempted legal action, but lawsuits have proven futile in an industry so large and difficult to police.

So with concern mounting over potentially dangerous consequences that could arise as a result of unethical products fraudulently touting his name, the doctor has decided to fight things on his own terms with his “It’s not me” campaign.

“I don’t sell any products. If you see my name next to a product being sold to you, they’re lying to you. It’s not me,” he says.

He is actively warning consumers that companies using his likeness are defrauding the public and probably aren’t concerned about your health; the products they are selling are not healthful, and often times are unsafe.

And he’s asking for your help. In a blog on, he writes:

Because so many merchants are using my name and image to sell their products, it’s hard for me to catch everything – so I’ll need your help! If you see something, say something. Together, we can police the retailers. If you see any ads or receive any e-mails that claim "Dr. Oz" is promoting or recommending a specific brand, ignore it and click here to let 'The Dr. Oz Show' know about it.
Matt Lauer discusses the issue with Dr. Oz in the video below:
Crowdsourcing Dr. Oz asks for help taking on fraudulent companies using his name
If you see the name or picture of Dr. Oz on a product, he asks you not to buy it.