Fred DeNegri was grilling in his backyard when he cracked open a can of Diet Pepsi, took a thirsty gulp and immediately started gagging. The flavor of his Pepsi was rank and the texture was thick like slime. He immediately took it to a sink and shook out the contents until something resembling "pink linguini" slid out, followed by "dark stuff," said Fred's wife, Amy DeNegri.

Despite persistent shaking, a heavy object remained inside the can. Completely disgusted, the DeNegris immediately called poison control and the FDA, and the can was taken in for lab testing to identify the source of the sludgy mess.

Now those results are in-- and it appears that the object inside the can was a dead frog or toad. "The animal was lacking internal organs normally found in the abdominal and thoracic cavity," the report notes.

The report prompted the FDA to do a thorough investigation at the bottling plant where the can was filled, but the plant came up clean. No adverse conditions or traces of amphibian residue were detected, and no determination was made as to when or how the frog got into the DeNegri's Pepsi can.

Covering their own backs, Pepsi immediately issued a statement. "The speed of our production lines and the rigor of our quality control systems make it virtually impossible for this type of thing to happen in a production environment. In fact, there never has been even a single instance when a claim of this nature has been traced back to a manufacturing issue," a spokesperson told CNN

While Pepsi would like the story to dissolve, the DeNegris are croaking for answers. They are currently seeking legal advice as to how best to pursue charges. "I want to see Pepsi fess up to it and compensate my husband for the negative publicity they have caused," Amy demanded.

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Dead frog found in a Diet Pepsi can
The FDA has now confirmed that the disgusting sludge a man poured from a freshly opened Pepsi can was a dead frog or toad.