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At The Nature Conservancy, we’ll do anything in pursuit of our mission.

Over my years with the organization, I’ve traveled to Kenya, the Galapagos Islands, Papua New Guinea and elsewhere around the world to spread the word of conservation. And next month I’ll be making another conservation journey.

On Nov. 7, I will venture across vast rivers (the Hudson and East rivers), traverse islands (okay, it’s Staten Island and Manhattan), experience incredible diversity (from the Bronx to Brooklyn) and trek through wilderness areas (this time it will be the urban wilderness of Central Park).

It’s all part of the New York City Marathon. 

Nature Conservancy staff and supporters have signed up to join Team Nature Conservancy to raise awareness and support for conservation. Our team of runners will include our New York State Director Bill Ulfelder; our New Hampshire State Director Daryl Burtnett; director of government relations from our West Virginia chapter, Beth Wheatley; our Marketing Director from New York, Marisa Biehl; and New York Trustee Karen Seymour.

We are also honored to have Nature Conservancy member Jeremy Woodward from New Hampshire joining our team. Just two years ago, Jeremy underwent his second open heart surgery in nine years. But this past July, after an amazing recovery, Jeremy completed the Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid.

Jeremy is truly inspirational. We love his dedication to conservation and his offer to run with Team Nature Conservancy.

This won’t be my first marathon, but it will be my first in more than 20 years. And I haven’t gotten any younger over that period. So I am concerned that my endurance for this race may be — as we say in the conservation world — unsustainable.

But this is a great opportunity to show our commitment to conservation and call on others to join our mission.

By donating to Team Nature Conservancy, you will not only provide encouragement to our team, you will also help us protect some of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. The money you donate will go directly back to conservation activities in your state or the country where you live – from removing dams along rivers to promote fish populations to rebuilding oyster reefs that filter water supplies to protecting forests that support both endangered species and local communities.

I’ve got just a few weeks left before the race on Nov. 7 to get in shape and to raise some funding needed to support conservation.

Ultimately, I have three goals for this marathon:

  • First, to finish.
  • Second, to finish in a respectable amount of time.
  • Third, to finish and know that our team helped grow awareness, support, and funding for conservation.
You can donate to Team Nature Conservancy by visiting our team page.

Thank you.

— Text by Mark TercekCool Green Science Blog 
Going the extra mile for conservation
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