Staying in shape while you travel is not as difficult as most of us make it out to be. Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, if you pack with the intent to workout, you are more likely to do so.


First of all, wherever you are in the world, there are always obvious resources for exercise. Most cities and even small towns have decent gyms. Destination trips often have tons of outdoor activities. Guess what? You still have other options if you carve out the time. Here are five things you can pack to keep you strong and your luggage light when you're away from home.


A resistance band. A resistance band can be wrapped around a pole or tree so you can do just about any exercise you would on a machine in the gym. If you happen to be in a cold climate, use it in your room.









Nike Free 2+ shoes. I love Nike's latest running shoe because it's super light and flattens out nicely in my suitcase. A nice long run (I suggest one without music) is a great way to see the sights and discover the intricacies of the local culture you might miss walking and talking. If you can get moving, you are more likely to continue exercising.






Mobile trainers. If you need extra motivation or guidance, bring along some assistance. In this picture, I'm doing a P90x workout in my suite in Mexico. (I’ve actually done the P90x yoga in a park!) Another favorite DVD is Physique 57 that tones your muscles with the barre method. There are tons of resources for you online. provides full yoga classes to watch on your computer. If you have access to a gym, download a workout from











Sheer determination. This sounds cheesy, but I actually enjoy reinterpreting my environment and constructing a circuit for myself. Simply open your eyes and your mind. See the staircase you can run up 20 times then hit the ground for some push-ups. Do step-ups and push-ups on the park bench to break up a run. In the video below, I show you an upper body and ab exercise done on the side of the street!




Healthy snacks. Eating well is important to staying fit. Pack snacks that are easy to carry: a bag of raw nuts and raisins, Justin’s Almond Butter packets, Lara bars, Gnu bars or Full bars. When I go to Las Vegas, I bring fruit because anything fresh is impossible to find in the casinos. I’ve also been known to bring a Tupperware container full of cooked quinoa (when I’m on a tight budget) that I store in the mini fridge.


I hope you're out of excuses now! Maybe you'll even come home in better shape then when you left.


Mary Rambin is the founder of lifestyle blog, Follow her on twitter @MaryRambinFacebook and tumblr.

How to stay in shape while you travel
Stick to your workout regime even while on vacation with these travel exercise tips.