As a woman, you might be put off by men checking you out in a bar. Now these lecherous looks might be blamed on an evolutionary tendency. The Telegraph reports on a study from the University of Texas, Austin, that shows that men decide who they want to date in the short-term by looking at women’s bodies. If they are more marriage-inclined, they will also check out her face.

The study took into consideration the reactions of 375 men and women who were asked to decide if they would date a member of the opposite sex based purely on their bodies. Men were asked if they would consider a curvy body or pretty face. Looking at pictures of bodies with faces obscured or faces with bodies obscured, men were exceedingly more likely to go for a woman with a curvy body. But if they were looking to settle down? They would pick a pretty face.

As the Texas study explained, “Both the body and face can provide clues as to a woman's reproductive value and current fertility, but this study revealed men go for bodily cues more when looking for a short-term mate." Further, they found that fertility cues were assessed by considering both a body and a face. A face is thought to convey reproductive value, while a body is thought to convey fertility.

Do women have the same tendencies? Not at all, according to scientists. Women assigned to short term and long term picks all gave priority to a man’s face.

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