If life isn’t hectic enough, now we’re going to add holiday chaos in the mix.


With everything going on, we can find a legitimate excuse not to exercise. But if we’re being honest, exercise can be the key to our sanity, not to mention waistline maintenance, when everything seems crazy and caloric.


So, in an effort to stay on track, I’m committing to my usual six days of at least one hour of exercise and a few diet guidelines.


Planning a workout schedule

The key to finding the time to exercise is actually scheduling the hour on my calendar. Of course, as a woman, I have to schedule an hour afterwards to get dressed, too.  


For my workouts, I will lift weights with my trainer twice a week, teach spin twice a week, practice yoga once a week, box once a week. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford the trainer, I suggest:

  • Getting two friends to join in. This way, the workout is fun and you are financially motivated.
  • Put group fitness classes on your calendar.
  • Carve out an hour for a fitness DVD at home.
The point here is to be accountable and let someone else do the thinking so you can focus on the work.


If you're working out on your own, check out my how-to videos and routines on my blog, MoreThanMary.com.  


And here are a few of my favorite routines:


Mary Rambin with a shakeCreating nutritious and delicious food guidelines

It's unreasonable to go into a season of parties restricting ourselves from all of the sweet and savory treats that will be laid out before our hungry eyes. Starving yourself until the party is not the answer either. That's simply a quick way to throw off your metabolism.


My theory is that if I commit to a couple nutritious elements and include indulgences, then I'm more likely not to splurge on hors d'oeuvres and buffets.


For each day, I'll commit to this dietary checklist:

  • 1 8-ounce fresh veggie juice a day ($3.99 at the grocery store)
  • 1 protein shake a day
  • 1 palm-sized dessert (can be anything or multiple sweets divided amongst lunch, snack and dinner)
  • No unnecessary bread
  • 2 cocktails/wine/beer 
The Isagenix protein shake I like is filling, packed with vitamins, and sweet, so that takes care of a meal or snack. The veggie juice will be my sources of greens that are usually absent at parties. My usual diet usually involves dessert, but of the healthier variety (gluten-free, no processed sugar, etc.).  No one else I know bakes like that so I’m being realistic on that one. Otherwise, everything else will stay the same, which is generally really healthy (no processed foods or needless sauces).


Now that we have a plan of attack, we can hit the parties with confidence and a healthy conscience!


Mary Rambin is the founder of lifestyle blog, MoreThanMary.com. Follow her on twitter @MaryRambinFacebook and tumblr.
My plan of attack for a healthy holiday
Healthy living expert Mary Rambin says don't avoid all the indulgences — just prepare for them by keeping your exercise schedule and your diet steady.