Environmental stewardship in golfing refers to more than just eco-friendly courses. Sometimes, the eco-activism of the athletes throws the sport into Mother Nature news-worthiness. For example, Ashley Cooper now has a golfing tale to rival George Castanza of "Seinfeld". The Independent Press (N.J.) reports that the New Jersey woman's golf game was interrupted by a beached whale in need of rescue.

According to the article, a foursome was playing a round of golf at Lighthouse Sound Golf Course in Maryland when, at the sixth tee box, they noticed a funky looking surfboard near the rocks. The board turned out to be a Gervais beaked whale marooned on a sandbar. Cooper's companion, Jeff Gibson, dashed into the water — golf spikes and all — to dislodge the whale while Cooper phoned 9-1-1.

Fortunately, Gibson was able to free the whale, which swam to meet its companions off the shore. The article reports that, amidst applause from other golfers, Gibson returned to the course and hit a 280-yard drive, still drenched from his rescue attempt.

Par for the course for NJ golfer
Beached whale survives thanks to golfer's quick-thinking.